Educational Loan for International Students

We have comprehensive financing options connecting educational aspirants with potential Financial Institutions, Investors and Endowment Funds. Our associates are partnered with Nationalized Banks, Non-Banking Finance Corporations, Foreign Banks, Investors and University/Government Grants through Scholarship. We Endeavour to provide the platform for you to choose the best financing options to finance your education with least hassle. Funding an education is a critical part of a successful student application and we have a team of experts to support you at every stage.

We strive to provide every educational aspirant

  • The complete loan (Tuition and Living)
  • Most flexible global/local Interest rates
  • Convenient Mortgage-able Security
  • Least Remittance/forex Charge

Our team works with:

  • Nationalized Banks
  • Non-Banking Finance Corporation
  • Foreign Banks (Non-Indian)
  • Debt Funds, Investors, University
  • Government Grants through Scholarships

Our service is free for our registered students and the benefits of our process:

  • Faster turnaround time for Educational Loans.
  • More clarity on the status of educational loans and there expected timelines.
  • Accountability on the Turnaround time provided by the financial institutions.
  • Complete information related to all financial institutions on a single platform.
  • Stringent follow up on the loan.

Below mentioned are the benefits of our team’s financial partners

Bank Of Baroda (BOB): Collateral Loans Only.
  • Interest Repayment is Optional.
  • Collateral Loans up to INR 60 Lakhs.
  • Repayment Period: Up to 15 years.
  • Proceeds happen from your nearest BOB branch.
Axis Bank: Both Collateral & Non-Collateral Loans.
  • No Processing Fees (Depends on the case).
  • No Pre-Payment Charges.
  • No Pre-Closure Charges.
  • Non-Collateral Loans up to 30 Lacs.
  • Sanction Letter valid for 6 months.
Incred (NBFC) : Collateral & Non Collateral Loans.
  • Can accept multi-city co-signers.
  • Pre Visa Disbursal Available for USA, Germany &
  • other European countries.
  • Non-Collateral Loan up to 40-45 Lacs for the USA.
  • Doorstep Service.
     All legal fees, registration charges are included in
    InCred’s origination fees.
MPower Financing: Non-Collateral Loans Only.
  • No collateral, co-borrower, co-signer or co-applicant
  • Build a U.S. credit score & history.
  • Top up loans available.
  • Credit decisions based on future earning potential.
  • Fast online, paperless process.
State Bank of India (SBI): Collateral Loans Only.
  • Collateral Loans up to INR 1.50 Crores.
  • Sanction of Loan before you receive I20.
  • Loan available against LIC, KVP, NSC & Govt.
HDFC Credila (NBFC) : Collateral & Non Collateral Loans.
  • Up to 100 % finance of the I20 value.
  • Loan Sanction available before admissions.
  • Tax benefit under Section 80E of the Income-tax Act.
  • Non-Collateral Loans up to 35 Lacs.
  • Doorstep Service.
DHFL Avanse (NBFC) : Collateral & Non Collateral Loans.
  • No Upper Limit on Loan Amount.
  • Sanction within 1 Business Day after submission
    of all documents.
  • Flexible Repayment Options.
  • Student-focused flexible Loans: Due weight-age
    given to Academic Merit.
  • 100 % Education Finance.

And many more financial institutions