Study in Denmark

Denmark as one of the Nordic knowledge and welfare societies, Denmark has much to offer. Quality of life is a characteristic feature of the Danish society combining social security, a clean environment and an attractive business climate with high standards in education and research.

Many people have already discovered this – and a steadily growing number of students, full degree students, and research fellows find their way to one of the Danish universities or higher education and research institutions. This is positive for higher education as well as for business and society as a whole.

Denmark is widening its international outlook and enhancing cooperation and exchanges. Although the national language is Danish, the higher education institutions provide study programmes and individual courses taught in English. This creates an international study environment, which is rooted in the unique Danish educational and pedagogical traditions.

The internationalization of education and training is high on the agenda in Denmark, and government, labor market bodies and educational institution are active in the field of international cooperation.

Student’s jobs

Many Danish students have a job during their study program. However, foreign students are not automatically granted a work permit. They may apply for a work permit for up to 15 hours’ work per week during the term and full time during the summer holidays (June, July, and August).