Study in Poland

For over six hundred years, Poland has been educating students from all over Europe and more recently – from all over the world. Polish colleges are divided into the state (public) and private (non-public) ones. Both operate on the same basis: they provide education generally in the same fields (one notable exception is medicine taught only in-state colleges), the same cycles, realizing the same minimum programming content, providing the same type of documentation and have the same rights to award scientific degrees.

Both of them are also divided into universities, academies, universities of technology and specialized colleges (e.g. economics, agriculture, arts). College education in Poland can last from 3 to 6 years, depending on the field and type of studies. The schools offer uniform master’s courses or higher vocational level studies (licentiate or engineer degrees) and supplementary master’s degree studies. Supplementary master’s degree studies are aimed at graduates of licentiate or engineering degree studies. Licentiate degree studies last at least 3 years, engineering degree studies at least 3.5 years and master’s degree studies usually 5 years (in some cases 4) or at least 1.5 years for graduates of licentiate or engineering.

Education in PolandUniversity studies are divided into two stages. The first stage (approximately 3 years) aims at obtaining general theoretical and practical knowledge, the second one (2 years) enables the acquisition of specialized skills and scientific practice. This stage ends with writing a diploma dissertation or developing a practical solution project and receiving the Master’s degree.